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The early you own it and understand the economics on how money can work for you, the closer you will be to financial freedom

Me and My Paisa is an initiative to help you learn about mutual funds investment and what to look for when you invest in mutual funds.


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We Transform Your Vision into Creative Results

Our affair with global financial market is 13 years deep and we happily admit that our love for each other is growing with every new day passes.

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“My Journey of investments with hand-holding by my Me and My Paisa team has helped me achieve my financial goals well on time and now, I can say that I have reached a very comfortable position in my life”
“Me and My Paisa has helped me consolidate & easily get whatever info needed on my loans and investments. Amazing to see the kind of details shared, unlike anything I have experienced. This team is proving to be a very valuable asset in my life.”
– SUSHANTKolhapur
“True Partners are like diamonds, precious but rare. We are lucky to have our Me and My Paisa team. They are always perfectly aligned with market pulse, have holistic approach, provide straightforward solutions & deliver unbeaten strategy.”
– PURAV DALMIABusinessman, Surat
“The new Me and My Paisa experience is just what we needed. The interface is very user friendly & easy to navigate. I am actively using it to track my investments and make transactions with them. My overall experience with their process & mobile app has been excellent.”
– SHIV SHENAIProfessional

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