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Our team consists of financial experts that helps you in managing your finances and achieve your financial goals in stipulated time.


We help plan people’s finances and help them utilize their earnings/savings in a better way to help them achieve their planned future goals. We take care of financial and life goals keeping in mind their risk profile. We are known for building practical plans with a vision and with calculations to guide clients and make them believe what they can actually achieve. We also help people achieve financial freedom and goals of early retirement. We have experience of both as a trader and as an Investor, which helps us cater both mindsets.


Our team of consultants are Chartered Accountants (CAs), Chartered Financial analysts, Certified financial analysts, SEBI Registered Investment advisors and AMFI mutual fund distributors. This ensures all round professionalism and hand-holding by the industry experts.

13 Years Experience

Our affair with global financial market is 13 years deep and we happily admit that our love for each other is growing with every new day passes.
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Whom Can We Assist?


Businesses usually have lot of lazy money lying idle in current accounts which remain unutilized for months. My responsibility is to put that money to use to earn you ancillary income with increase in capital.

I also help business owners to maintain their financial health plan in a way that if future holds any uncertainty to business/industry, they with their families won’t have to suffer. I also assist in analyzing their present portfolio, recommending as well as help them in rebalancing if required.


Salaried Individuals tend to keep most of the savings in banks or FDs which serves no purpose as bank interest doesn’t even beat inflation. To summarize, keeping money in bank account actually makes u losses. I help them plan their money in such a way that they can achieve their future goals without worrying of their future income or stability with their jobs. Small steps make the most influence in our life. Power of compounding is the real 8th wonder of the world.


Small savings can lead to wealth creation in future. There is no need to make a systematic investment as you can invest when you have spare to put into your portfolio. This method has been very successful for generating a decent portfolio.


People don’t understand the importance of starting small. Start with 500 INR a month, doesn’t matter. Investment will increase overtime, what’s more important to develop a MINDSET. It is very important for a student to develop a mindset and start understanding their own financials and maintaining financial health. They will be shaping their careers, they will have their own goals and dreams, and no matter how much we deny that money is not everything, we still need it to fulfil the dreams. Start early, retire early and enjoy financial freedom.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

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